You may have seen the news this morning with headlines that read ‘Pending Home Sales Plunge across Bay Area & State’. That may be accurate for most of California, and we are seeing some decrease in the Tri-Valley, but they are not extensive with Livermore -1%, Pleasanton -2% & no change for Dublin. See the stats for the Tri-Valley below.


Weekly Stats




Number of actives this week: 69

Number of actives last week: 71

That is a 3% decrease

Average days on market: 48

Median Price: $799,000

Average Price: $1,217,264



Number of pending this week: 130

Number of pending last week: 131

That is a: 1% decrease

Average days on market: 22

Median Price: $725,000

Average Price: $797,184

# of Days off Market: 26




Number of actives this week: 66

Number of actives last week: 60

That is a: 10% decrease

Average days on market: 44

Median Price: $ 1,687,000

Average Price: $2,051,630



Number of pending this week: 86

Number of pending last week: 88

That is a: 2% decrease

Average days on market: 31

Median Price: $1,023,450

Average Price: $1,187,440

# of day off market: 14




Number of actives this week: 65

Number of actives last week: 59

That is a: 10% increase

Average days on market: 26

Median Price: $879,888

Average Price: $967,578


Number of pending this week: 83

Number of pending last week: 83

That is a: 0% change

Average days on market: 21

Median Price: $888,900

Average Price: $933,685

# of Days off Market: 14