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Livermore, the oldest wine area in California, was established in 1869 and is surrounded by award-winning wineries, farmland, and ranches that reflect the valley’s western heritage. The City of Livermore, which is situated in Alameda County and has a population of 87,955 as of the 2020 Census, is the easternmost city in the San Francisco Bay Area and the entryway to the Central Valley. Its total area is 26.44 square miles. The Livermore Valley benefits from a warm climate brought on by the coastal range’s protection, which makes living a more laid-back, less hectic lifestyle.

Livermore is a technological hub and an academically active community since it is home to famous science and technology centers, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories. Powered by its abundance of research, technology, and invention, it has successfully competed in the worldwide market and grown to be an essential component of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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