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Tips to Stay Cool this Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend

Can you believe the kids are back in school & it is already September?! This Labor Day weekend kicks off September but with record-breaking temperatures anticipated this weekend, here are some ways to enjoy the summer-like temperatures as we move into September!

– Stay cool at the Pool. Enjoy the sun while we have it, but bring your shades, a hat and lots of sunscreen to keep safe from the heat!

– Keep indoors or go to indoor malls/entertainment spaces to stay out of the sun and enjoy the A/C. Stock up on new fall wardrobe or catch a movie!

– Go to the coast! Get out of the Tri-Valley & head west. Temperatures in San Francisco and at the beach are in set to be in the high 80’s. Cooler temps & no fog & sea breeze makes for a great day!

– Head to the Dublin Water Park. Tickets are $17 for adults, $15 for kids and $3 for the small kids 2 & under

– Find a Park with Water Fountains. Livermore’s Lizzy Fountain in Downtown Livermore, Emerald Glen park in Dublin, Pleasanton Tennis Park are all good options.

– Seniors & those needing to cool off are welcome to join ‘Cool Off Centers’ hosted by the city of Pleasanton this weekend. Cool off centers can be found here.

Head to the Dublin Water

Stay Cool this Labor Day Weekend and Safe!


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