Chuck & Kate – Castro Valley, CA Seller/Listing

Please use this note as a formal referral/recommendation for Mr. Anthony Arsondi, a professional Real Estate Broker, selling homes in the East Bay Area. 

We first met Tony in May of 2018, as one of three Real Estate groups that we interviewed, with the purpose of selling a home belonging to my recently passed, mother-in-law.  After the interviews, Tony was selected do to his preparedness, proactive approach & positive/polite attitude!  

The full and complete effort to market, list and then sell the home was impressive.  We sold the home in 7-days, with an all cash, full price offer!  Tony’s diligent and detailed plan led to a 30 day closing, with all of our requirements fulfilled.

We have bought & sold a dozen homes across the US.  My general respect level for Real Estate Brokers had been extremely low.  Most are only interested in, “listing” the home and their, “sales” efforts are a disgrace!  RE Brokers receive a sizable commission, with generally minimal work involved, hence my previous negative attitude toward them. 

Tony Arsondi promised me that if we selected him, he would stay actively involved throughout the total process of selling this home.  As I often say to individuals who exhibit the proactive approach that I expect, “the grass does not grow under Tony Arsondi’s feet!”  He works tirelessly and communicates daily….he clearly showed us what it means to aggressively sell a home.

The above results and words speak for themselves! Mr. Tony Arsondi gets results from his comprehensive planning and his actions to achieve the plan. Tony is a true professional and he delivers results!

— Chuck & Kate